Rain World Broke Me: An Author’s Account of his Time With this (Brutal) Game

Much like how I feel about the much beloved Souls series, journalist Mike Fahey has a great piece over at Kotaku right now about how the game Rain World broke him to his very being, just due to its sheer difficulty:

It’s too late for me. As much as I’d love to see my slugcat standing atop the conquered corpses of its enemies, I’ve lost hope too many times. I’ve delved deep into caves, only to have a missed jump leave me exposed to the crushing power of the titular precipitation. I’ve uncovered a new area, only to be killed by a well-hidden creature before the joy of discovery could fade.

A great game that seems anchored to its own steep learning curve. So it goes to show that just because some game journalists love difficult games,  some of us still get driven a wee bit crazy by them.

[Rain World (PS4) | Rain World (PC)]

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