NARCOSIS – Official Reveal Trailer (New Underwater Horror Game 2017)

Anyone who reads my writing on this site knows I love horror games and anytime a new one is about to drop I share it with the masses, like it or not.

Narcosis takes horror to a whole new depth (literally) by placing the player underwater and THEN letting the horrors begin. It kinda looks like what would happen if you were to visit Rapture (from Bioshock) after it sunk in part 2. A haunted underwater place where escape feels less and less likely. Narcosis looks claustrophobic and scary as hell. Two things that make horror games work really well when developers can pull it off. And boy do I need something scary now that I  finished RE7 already, twice. This looks like it could do the trick.

Expect Narcosis to drop by the end of this month.


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