I Heartichoke You: A Bob’s Burgers Cosplay Photoshoot Featuring Liz Katz and Sam Macaroni

Valentine’s day might be over for this year, but a few weeks ago, my friend Liz Katz and her boyfriend Sam Macaroni decided to celebrate the holiday by having a photoshoot featuring two fictional characters that portray what true love really is all about: Bob and Linda Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. Here’s what Liz had to say about the shoot:

Sam (aka Bob) was able to track down an awesome restaurant for us to shoot in. Believe it or not diners/ burger joints with counters are hard to find in Southern California! They were so nice to let us shoot in there while they were closing and were much more reasonable cost wise than using a shooting location. (Which I definitely couldn’t afford for this one.) The burger was made at the restaurant and it looked picture perfect!

This shoot was the best Valentine’s day Sam and I have experienced together! Some ladies may want candies or fancy dinner dates. I much prefer a couples cosplay and shoot for 2! Also want to give a big thank you to James for all his help during the shoot!

A great idea, a beautiful couple and a perfect location!

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