Bill Gates: The Robot That Takes Your Job Should Pay Taxes

Be sure to check Mr. Gates’ geekish giggle at the end. So adorable.

In an interview with Quartz editor-in-chief Kevin Delaney, Bill Gates explains why robots that take jobs away from people shouldn’t get a free pass when it comes to income tax.



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  1. This has to be one of the stupidest things I have ever watched. He is a brilliant man in some fields and admire his philanthropy but he missed the mark here. I know there isn’t a tax that he hasnt liked so not shocking.

    The entire basis of the video is that robots replace workers. That isn’t the case. Workers are displaced, as in no longer performing that function and are now in a new job.
    Taxing the elevator because the operator now has another job is absurd. What about robots that help people do more work, such as cranes? Think of the taxes from just the wheel, wow! The cotton gin…

    Technology moves forward. People will work for a long time from now. Some industries shift labor force to other industries. It happens. Saying we should tax technology, especially coming from someone in a technological field, is absurd.

    • Sure, that will work as long as humans are able to shift workers to other occupations. Eventually that will not happen. There will not be enough jobs made to replace those taken by machines.

      Transportation jobs in the US alone is around 3 million people. With self driving vehicles on the horizon -every- single one of those are in jeopardy. By 2030 I’d be surprised if any are left.

      Factory Jobs, construction, mining, all can and will be replaced. White collar jobs aren’t safe either. Data Entry will be replaced, stock trading is already being replaced.

      The point is new jobs will not keep pace with lost jobs.

      Bill, who’s spent his life with technology unsurprisingly knows more about this than most people.

      if you want to learn more there’s an excellent video on youtube:

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