The Almost Indestructible Nokia 3310 May Return

The Nokia 3310 may be making a comeback. A Finnish manufacturer is reportedly ready to unveil a new version of the legendarily resilient handset next week.

According to Venturebeat’s Evan Blass, it’ll be one of four handsets launched by HMD Global Oy. That’s the company which currently holds the rights to make phones under the Nokia brand name, following Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s mobile phone business.

The new 3310 will apparently cost $59, which gives it several possible markets. It could be aimed at people in developing markets (though the launch event at Mobile World Congress next week is said to be dealing with the European market.) It could also be pushed as a secondary handset, for example among people who are going out drinking or doing outdoor activities and want to be reachable without having to risk losing or damaging their smartphone.

It could even be an option for parents who decide their younger child needs to carry a phone, but don’t want them to have access to apps or websites.

The original 3310 became something of a cult favorite and meme subject thanks not only to its remarkably sturdy build, but a battery life that could run into the weeks rather than hours.

Indeed, there was only one thing which ever came close to damaging that seemingly impervious casing…


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