What Your Sword Says About You [Chart]

A chart by artist Mike D. Monjo that that takes a look at various types of swords and what they might tell about their owners.

[Source: Mike D. Monjo]


4 Responses to What Your Sword Says About You [Chart]

  1. Disapointing and full of false thing. Samurai armor were made of heavy metal and very solid. Gladius were short because they were made of bronze, it was very heavy and they were unable to make them longer, ortherwise they would have done it

  2. Im genuinely surprised, someone got his research right when it comes to swords. Arming sword and sabre especially made me laugh, so true.

    *Bernigts* Katana actually cant pierce any advanced armour – both samurai or european(as most slashing-centered weapons) hence the joke. Also Gladius wasnt made from bronze, you’re probably thinking early ancient greece weaponry (like reaaaly early). Short and medium Gladius versions were designed to use in dense formation of professional foot soldiers where long length is a disadvantage.

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