17 Brilliant Movies Of 2016 You Totally Missed

Swiss Army Man was one of the best film experiences I had in 2016 but most of the world missed it. If this list inspires more people to give this gem a shot, so be it. The others on the list are just cherries on the proverbial sundae that is good film. Kubo and The Two Strings is another that you should all watch, real talk.

Here are 17 brilliant movies that most people totally missed out on in 2016 (but can see now with a little effort). And remember, see good movies IN THE THEATER or companies will stop making them. It’s an industry that relies an honest public to survive, and the more we watch the ‘good movies’ at home and see the ‘big movies’ in the theater, the more they are going to stop making good movies, honestly.

Paterson | 0:17
Midnight Special | 0:49
Hell or High Water | 1:17
Train to Busan | 1:48
The Witch | 2:29
Moonlight | 3:04
Elstree 1976 | 3:31
The Invitation | 4:04
Swiss Army Man | 4:39
Kubo and the Two Strings | 5:18
The Edge of Seventeen | 5:56
The Lobster | 6:37
Hunt for the Wilderpeople | 7:19
Jackie | 8:03
Sing Street | 8:44
Manchester by the Sea | 9:23
Green Room | 9:49