The Story of Hideo Kojima (Part 1): How Metal Gear Launched the Career of a Gaming Icon

Hideo Kojima is widely considered to be one of the greatest icons in video game development. His enormously popular Metal Gear Solid series introduced a cinematic storytelling to gaming that was revolutionary in its time.

But Hideo Kojima’s childhood wasn’t always happy, and his early career as a developer at Konami could have gone better. It took a while for Hideo to produce his first big game, and throughout development of Metal Gear for the MSX, his colleagues at Konami all thought that his finished product would be a complete flop.

Yet in spite of family pressure and a lack of faith from his peers, Kojima has gone on to become one of the biggest names in gaming. Through hard work and sacrifice, Hideo has won a place in the annals of gaming.

[Video Game Story Time]

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