Mom-to-be Goes Through Labor Wearing Chewbacca Mask [Article + Video]

Going through labor is never fun, but one Star Wars fan embraced the experience by briefly wearing a Chewbacca mask. It’s attracted a very mixed response among commenters because, well, what doesn’t?

A 10 second clip of Katie Stricker Curtis wearing the mask – which included a voice changing sound effect – went up on her Facebook page and quickly attracted attention, with more than half a million views at the time of writing. She later explained to Todaythat she had received the mask for Christmas, found it amusing, and decided to take it with her when she went into labor. She also denied it was an attempt to attract attention by copying a previous viral video of a woman who was greatly amused by the same mask.

While plenty of people who viewed and shared the video found it amusing, others were more cynical, likely because the original post explicitly listed the name and email address of a media company that specializes in licensing viral videos.

That in turn prompted a host of comments when the clip went on YouTube with some even questioning whether the hospital bed and equipment was genuine.

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