Mini NES Classic Gets Wireless Controller


One of the biggest (if most authentic) problems with the NES Classic has been fixed with a new third-party gadget: a wireless controller and adapter.

While the Classic captures the look and feel of the original NES console, the wired controller is on such a short cable that it can make it difficult to set everything up and have a comfortable seating position for gaming.

A company called 8Bitdo says it has the solution via a Bluetooth receiver that plugs into the controller port on the NES Classic. You then play with a wireless version of the controller (included with the receiver) or any of a range of retro-style controllers and sticks the company sells. For added flexibility you can even use a PS3, PS4, Wii Mote or Wii U Pro controller.

The receiver is powered by the NES Classic, while the wireless controller has a 20 hour battery life with recharging via a USB cable. The manufacturers say it’s possible to use two sets for multiplayer games and that there’s no lag, regardless of which controller you use.

[Mini NES Classic Wireless Controller and Adapter]

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