Rogue One is Resurrecting Yet Another Important Villain! (Spoiler Alert!) [Video]

By now, we all know that Darth Vader will make an appearance in Star Wars: Rogue one, but he’s not the only classic villain that will make an appearance in the new movie! Check out this new TV spot that gives a very brief glimpse at our second important bad guy:

Did you see him? I’ll include the picture after the “read more” link below, just in case you’re reading the site from the front page and don’t want to be “spoiled.”


That’s right, the guy you’re seeing is most likely Grand Moff Tarkin himself. Peter Cushing, the actor that portrays the character has been dead for over two decades, but with today’s technology, bringing someone back from the dead isn’t that difficult anymore.

Can’t wait to see the movie on December 16th!

[Via IO9]

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