Virtual Reality Film Aims To Deter Drunk Drivers [360° Video]


An alcoholic drinks company has produced a virtual reality video that lets users experience a car crash from a 360 degree perspective. It’s designed to highlight the dangers of drunk driving.

The video from Diageo is compatible with most of the major VR headsets on the market. It also works on the Facebook and YouTube 360 degree views where users can alter the viewpoint with their mouse or by moving a phone or tablet, rather than through head movements.

The clip switches back and forth between the views of people inside three cars involved in the crash, one of whom is portrayed as having been drinking after work before making the journey.

As well as releasing the clip for home viewing, Diageo will run public awareness events in which people can watch the clip not only while wearing a VR headset but while sitting in a “4D” movie theater chair that jerks about to simulate the cars spinning out of control and the impact.