Geeks Are Sexy Appears On National British TV

Way back in 2009 we published a piece picking the five sexiest (male) geeks in the UK. Seven years later one of the men featured in it, Dave Gorman, has just mentioned it on his TV show Dave Gorman’s Modern Life Is Goodish:

While Gorman doesn’t identify with the term “Geek”, here’s what we originally wrote. Were we right?

Some people believe being a geek is solely about computers and technology. Others maintain it is about being obsessive about a subject, whether or not it is considered conventionally popular. Gorman’s work includes a little of the former and a lot of the latter.

While technically a stand-up comedian, Gorman is best known for popularizing the non-fiction genre best described as ‘quest’. In his first book, Are You Dave Gorman?, he followed up a drunken wager by attempting to find and meet 54 people of the same name. In the follow-up, while apparently failing to write a novel about a currently unknown color, he tried to put together a chain of Googlewhacks (two-word phrases which produce just one result from Google). Most recently he attempted to drive across the United States using solely independent services, rather than chains, for everything from food to accommodation to filling up his Chevy.

In a pleasingly multimedia approach, he turned the first two into stage shows (complete with graphs and statistics) while the latter was also filmed for a documentary.