Negan Terrorizes Blizzard Entertainment for Halloween [Video + Pics]

Back in 2013, we featured René Koiter’s amazing performance as “Khal Drogo” during Blizzard Entertainment’s yearly Halloween costume competition, and this year, the man has done a top notch impersonation of Negan from The Walking Dead. Check it out!

From René Koiter:

This year I was adamant to participate again after watching The Walking Dead’s chilling season 6 finale earlier in the year. It introduced fan-favorite antagonist Negan in a gut-wrenching scene. Next to Game of Thrones, I’m a big fan of the TWD franchise and after the Khal Drogo performance of 2013 I really wanted to do an act based on that series. Negan was it. Mainly due to my dad’s physical similarities to actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan I was compelled to do this character because of likeness. But I also identified some elements of the scene that could work well by incorporating Blizzard gags and elements into the Halloween skit. I took first place! It’s a big honor for me to do a repeat of 2013 where some crazy ideation of mine somehow led to a very cool, collaborative piece in the name of Halloween.




Negan: Rene Koiter aka Khal Drené
Walker: Jaime Scheffler
Make-up: Steven Dwyer aka Tripped Wire
Photography: Kenneth Pfeifer at Kenneth Pfeifer Photography

[René Koiter on Youtube]