Red Dead 2 and the Potential (and Very Much Real) Return of John Marston


Yes, we technically know it is Red Dead 3 because Rockstar’s first game was a reboot of a Capcom Red Dead game, but please don’t be that person who keeps bringing that up, we’ve already have way too many people telling us just this after we posted the first trailer.

Anyway, rumors are swirling that the dude on the far left on the above official image from Red Dead Redemption 2 is, indeed, a younger John Marston rolling with his gang, back from when he was a bad guy. If this ends up being true we already give Red Dead Redemption 2 the best game of the year for the next decade, straight up.

A few of those other faces look mighty familiar, too. Dutch, Bill, that you?

Sure is, partners, and you heard it here first.

*Shoots hat off your head to establish dominance