DS Meets Wii U in New Nintendo Switch Console


Nintendo has unveiled its next handheld console, the Nintendo Switch. It’s a modular design that can be taken apart to switch between playing on a TV screen and handheld play.

The Switch appears to be the device that Nintendo had been trailing as the NX. The promotional video shows it as coming in five parts: a screen, a console base, a traditional console controller, and two small control units that looks as if somebody took an axe to the sides of a giant DS.

Judging by the video, the parts can be combined in three ways:

  • The control units can be clipped to the screen to produce a standard-design handheld console.
  • The control units can also be slid into the base to produce a standard home console that plugs into the TV and is used with the traditional handheld controller.
  • And the screen can be placed with a flip-out stand and then the control units used as wireless controllers, meaning the user doesn’t have to hold the screen for long periods.

The trailer also suggests multiple units can be hooked up wirelessly for multi-play games. It’s not entirely clear but it appears the two small control units can be used separately, meaning two players for each unit.

Nintendo hasn’t released any other details beyond a March release date. However, the video appears to show Skyrim being played, which suggests the console will be able to handle some “full-blown” video games.