The Good Old Admin/Password [Comic]


Back when I was a Sysadmin, I ran into this situation quite frequently at various companies I worked for. I naturally always changed the default username and password to something else, but sometimes, local users were really pissed at me for doing so. Even though I stopped being a system administrator in 2011, I’m fairly sure that a lot of businesses have devices that still have those default credentials active.

Got a router or another device that has “Admin” and “Password” set as the default password? Do yourself a favor and change them.

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  1. Don’t know of any routers that use Admin/Password, the majority use admin/admin, some use root/root or admin/root, for Cisco routers it depends on the model, but at least some use admin/admin and some cisco/cisco or admin/cisco. There might be a few that use Admin/Password, but I’m pretty sure it’s quite rare.

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