10 Amazing Movie Characters Who Are WAY More Important Than You Realized

When it comes to movies, the most important characters are generally those that are considered to be the leads. Whether they be the titular character; such as characters like Superman, Batman, Bridget Jones or Mary Poppins, or characters who are clearly the star; like Marty McFly, Freddy Krueger, Annie Wilkes or Ellen Ripley – it’s generally very obvious which character is the most important in any given movie.But that’s not always the case. Looking back on certain movies, characters who weren’t given the top billing are often a lot more important than you might think. Whether they were integral to the plot, or were merely being introduced for a bigger purpose that you weren’t aware of at the time, you might be surprised at just how important certain characters are – even, in some cases, some incredibly minor ones – and that’s what this video is all about.

Here are ten characters in famous movies who were more important than you realized.

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