The Story of Satoshi Tajiri, Creator of the Pokémon Franchise

This is the beautifully told (and animated!) story of Satoshi Tajiri, creator of the Pokémon franchise. A must-watch!

Once upon a time, a young boy loved to collect bugs.

The Pokémon game series is built upon the ideas of Satoshi Tajiri, the founder of Game Freak. Over the course of his career, Satoshi has been a magazine editor, a video game designer, and the creator of one of the most popular franchises of all.

This video doesn’t tell you anything that you can’t find in a hundred “behind the scenes” accounts of the history of Pokemon. Instead, we hope that Satoshi Tajiri’s personal story will help inspire people who are struggling, and need a helping hand. We all want to catch ’em all, but sometimes, first, we need to spend a lot of time in the long grass.

This is our very first video, and we’re not sure how it’ll be received. It feels pretty fitting, actually – like the original Pokemon Red and Blue, our video has a lot of rough edges and isn’t perfect, but we’re proud of it and we hope you like it.

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