Inappropriate Touching – Cosplay is Not Consent [Video]

The two geeks over at “Two Geeky Guys,” in partnership with the “Food And Cosplay” Facebook page, have just started a new series of videos teaching the the DO’s and DONT’s of Comic Con etiquette. In the first episode they cover the subject of “inappropriate touching.” Have you ever been the victim of inappropriate touching at a covention? Let us know in the comments below, and never forget: Cosplay is not consent!

[Two Geeky Guys]


6 Responses to Inappropriate Touching – Cosplay is Not Consent [Video]

  1. If Comic Cons had a conservative dress code, attendance would drop 50%. And whereas every woman should be treated with respect, maybe the women should have a little respect for themselves and not dress like hookers. Effectively the “rules” are “I encourage oogling, but no touchy.” Got it.

    • {sarcasm}Yeah, I mean how dare they dress like their favorite characters at CON…{/sarcasm}
      If they want to dress proactively that’s fine, if they even want to dress up like a hooker they can all the while demanding to be treated with respect and decorum. Any argument that how they dress and how they are treated are related should be put down with extreme prejudice.
      Court is a place for appropriate decorum and dress, A wedding might be a place for appropriate decorum and dress. Attributing how they get treated and how they are dressed implies that the action taken against them is in some way their fault(which is completely fallacious at best, misogynistic at worst)

      • Apparently you missed my very clear statement that “every woman should be treated with respect’. That said, in the real world, how you dress DOES impact how people react to you and treat you, man or woman. And since that is a fact, if I go to an interview as a slob, no surprise I don’t get the job, but that’s not my fault! I in no way condone “inappropriate touching” of women, COS players or not. The video may help remind some that even tho a half naked woman is desiring affirmative attention while surrounded by young men, they don’t deserve to be treated poorly… but don’t be surprised when they are, human nature being what it is.

        • I undersatnd that you don’t condone these things such as inappropriate touching, and that’s perfectly fine. But just to remind everyone, self-control and good manners are also part of human nature, and they exist for a good reason.

  2. I have never been to a comic con for this reason. If I see a gal dressed as Chun Li or Mai Shiranui, I might not be able to control myself. :p

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