JavaScript Code Fit & Flare Dress


From Thinkgeek:

You already know how to write efficient and practical code, but an efficient and practical wardrobe? Perhaps that’s a bit outside your knowledge base. Not that you don’t understand the underlying concepts – but between all the societal rules, fashion trends, and the apparel options usually available to geeky ladies, how are you supposed to build something on time and under budget with those requirements?

Here’s one more component to help you program your wardrobe to fit your style: a short-sleeved fit & flare dress made from organic cotton, featuring all-over print of Javascript code. The soft, stretchy fabric features a pullover v-neck design with no fasteners or zippers to mess with, and 2 pockets at the sides (because POCKETS).

Available in blue, sizes 4 to 14.

[JavaScript Code Fit & Flare Dress]