Fidgeters Gadget Earns Millions Of Dollars


A company has raised nearly $4 million for a small cube aimed at fidgety people. With more than a month to go in a Kickstarter campaign, more than 200,000 Fidget Cubes have been sold.

The cube is being marketed on the idea that having something to fiddle with helps focus attention on more important tasks. Each face is around an inch across and has a different activity, namely:

  • a set of five clickable buttons (similar to retractable pens);
  • a mini-stick similar to the L3 and R3 buttons on Playstation consoles;
  • a pivot switch similar to that on a light fitting;
  • a set of three gear dials (similar to a combination lock) and a rollable/clickable ball;
  • a flat dial to rotate; and
  • a rather disappointing face which simply has an oval depression.

Busting stress this way won’t be cheap as the cube will cost $25 after launch, though as usual the Kickstarter campaign offers discounts. It seems to have hit a nerve however: after setting a $15,000 funding goal, the makers have raised $3,916,783 at the time of writing. They say that despite the huge production run that’s now necessary, they still plan to deliver by December as scheduled but any pledges from now on will have a shipping target of March.