Please Help: What Color is Chloe the Cat from The Secret Life of Pets?

The Secret Life of Pets is a great family film and a joy for animation and animal lovers alike. But I have been faced with a serious dilemma and I was hoping you could all lend a hand (and answer) to this debate that I have found myself in with quite a few people since seeing the film.

What color is Chloe the cat?

Really. I am genuinely asking. I bring the debate up over here in a bit more detail. Long and the short is, my girlfriend seems to have seen this cat as gray, and I, purple. I have even tried involving Reddit to get an answer (and have gotten many) but even the toys don’t solve the debate, as some are gray and some are purple. So who better to ask than geeks? What do you guys and gals think? Hit me up in the comments below and let me know your thoughts and what color you perceive Chloe to be.

This is ripping my world in two (colors). I need your help.

Editor’s note: Silver? :)