Steve Jobs Job Lot On Sale


Dozens of clothing items belonging to Steve Jobs are up for auction. But there’s barely a black turtleneck in sight.

The curious collection of lots is being sold by the estate of Jane Fonda, though exactly how they ended up there is uncertain.

The standout attraction for collector value is a leather jacket Jobs wore in a photo of him flipping off the IBM sign, a shot taken by Newsweek while preparing an article in 1983 but not published until 2011.


There’s a whole bunch of shirts, jeans and otherwise run-of-the-mill items that would hold no interest were it not for their celebrity owner, though a few of the shirts are monogrammed with the SPJ initials.

Historians might be more interested in two boxes of documents from the Jobs household, including menus from his personal chef, accounts, calendar pages and landscaping plans. There’s also a handwritten note to Jobs from artist Jean-Michel Falon about his work on the character Mister Macintosh, who would randomly appear on Apple II screens. Perhaps thankfully the idea was dropped as it took up too much RAM, avoiding another Mr Clippy.

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