PLEASE Go See Kubo and The Two Strings (Good Movies Like This Need Fan Support!)

We posted this amazing trailer when Kubo and the Two Strings was first announced. We told everyone it was made by the geek geniuses over at Studio Laika (America’s stop motion Ghibli as far as I am concerned) and that it was going to be the kind of fantasy movie that was made specifically for us. Geeks who know about cultures and legends and mystical things beyond the realm of modern comprehension and that everyone needs to see it.

Problem is, not enough of you have and I cannot stress enough how counterproductive this is to our lifestyle and what we enjoy. If we stop paying to see awesome, genuine movies like Kubo and the Two Strings, amazing studios like Laika will stop getting the money to make them. The end result being, if we pour all our money into shiny, loud blockbusters, that is ALL we will eventually get. This means a world with MORE Michael Bay movies and less Paranormans and less Boxtrolls and less Coralines. Do you want a world like that? A world without studio Laika? A world without fantasy and imagination and stop motion, overrun  instead by a world populated with limp stories filled to the brim with big explosions and vapid actors with empty gazes. No thank you, and we can still help!

Reddit said it best and I am only repeating it. Please go see Kubo, this movie is tanking when it really deserves to shine. Let’s amass our geek forces and fix this, right now. Studio Laika make movies for us, so let’s say thank you the best way we can.

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