Why The New Joker Deserves A Standalone Movie


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Suicide Squad was a messy but enjoyable film, but anyone saying The Joker didn’t steal the film is lying to themselves and you. Though given very limited screen time, Jared Leto’s creepiness pervades those few frames and lingers with you long after he walks away. People who go in comparing him to other Jokers or hoping he would just be a carbon copy of past Jokers aren’t doing it right. He is a cover song, the Joker, and all people play that song a little bit differently. What Leto adds to the part is a sort of psycho-sexual charm lacking in the last few. This is the first Joker to have Harley Quinn in a film, and the reason might be, this is the Joker most likely to steal your girlfriend. Yes, it is different, but that doesn’t mean bad.

Think of this Joker as a mix between Fred Astaire and Marilyn Manson. He is well-spoken, well-dressed (in a ‘rapper who shops at Hot Topic’ kinda way) and feels like his chaotic presence could choke you, just by standing next to him alone. Add to that the simple fact that this is the most charismatic Joker we have seen on-screen yet, and DC has the chance right now to do what NO comic book movie has done yet and give their main bad guy a movie all to himself (and hopefully, a little Harley, too).

Not only will that give us more time with this new Joker (and that awesome new laugh he gave him) but maybe then  they can show us some of the tragic things that happened between Bats and Joker BEFORE Dawn of Justice even begins (like killing Robin, for example). All I am saying is, DC, you got gold here, and he might be your saving grace.

The clown prince will reign once again, and he deserves his own film to do so. Don’t you think it is about time we get a Joker movie? Hit up comments and let me know I am not alone in this.

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