The Pikachurro is a Delicious Treat That Looks Like Pikachu


Westminster, California-based churro bakery The Loop has a pokéstop right in front of their restaurant, so to promote the bakery to Pokémon go player, they’ve concocted the Pikachurro, a churro that looks like Pikachu!

Unfortunately, the Pikachurro isn’t for sale right now, but if enough people ask for one, they might add it to their menu.

[Source: The Loop on Instagram | Via Neatorama]

The Loop is a churro bakery in Westminster, California. It’s noted for its long, looped churros, often covered with toppings, such as Fruity Pebbles and chocolate, and served with ice cream.

To promote the Poké Stop at their restaurant, team member Ngoc made this churro concoction shaped like Pikachu.