Star Trek Nerdgasm Overload: TNG Uniform Bedding Set


For a Star Trek nerd like me, I don’t think there’s ever been a bedding set that looked as cool as this one. Available in Twin XL, Queen, or King. MAKE IT ZZZZZO!

This Star Trek The Next Generation Bedding Set will let you tumble out of bed in the morning, completely relaxed and ready for that first cup of coffee or tea, Earl Grey, hot. The fitted sheet features a Delta Shield pattern, and the four solid Rank Pips printed on one side of the pillowcases declare you a Captain. The duvet cover, red, naturally, because you’re Command, has a Communicator Badge printed on it. Non-functioning, which is good because bed-dialing someone would be even more embarrassing than butt-dialing them.


[Star Trek TNG Uniform Bedding Set]

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