Xbox One/PS4 Upgrades Confirmed


Sony and Microsoft have both confirmed upgraded versions of the PS4 and Xbox One with support for 4K graphics. Sony also detailed some of the high-profile virtual reality games on the way.

Sony hasn’t revealed any details about the new machine other than confirming it will be named the Neo, replacing the codename of “PS4.5” that had been used internally.

Microsoft’s new Xbox, known for now as Project Scorpio, will be out for Christmas next year. It will support 4K and virtual reality. Pricing is as yet unconfirmed.

There’ll also be a new edition of the current console, known as the Xbox One S (pictured). It’ll be more of a minor tweak than Project Scorpio: it won’t support 4K gaming but will include 4K movie playback, support for High Dynamic Range games. The $299 console will also be 40% smaller than the original model.

Meanwhile Sony has confirmed several of the games to support its virtual reality headset. They include Star Wars, Batman and Final Fantasy games, along with a frankly terrifying-sounding installment of Resident Evil.