This Hodor Doorstop Will Hold Your… Door.


Yes, this is an Hodor doorstop, need I say more? As I’m writing this, already 522 have contributed to this kickstater going way over the required $5000 to successfully fund the project.

My friends and I are huge GoT nerds. We know more about Westoros history than… actual history. We all agreed Hodor should be the one to sit on the Iron Throne until we watched the ending of season 6 episode 5.

As a tribute to this oversized and simple-minded hero, we are creating this 6″ “Hodoor” Hold the Door Doorstops. Yes, it actually works as a real doorstop.

We’ve already hired multiple designers (with over 20 years of combined experience) to bring this idea to life.

The final version will be a, 6″ tall “Hodoor” doorstop guaranteed to impress even the nerdiest GoT Fan.

[Hodoor (Hold The Door) Tribute Doorstop]

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