NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo Man’s Sky Delayed Again



If geek article titles got Pulitzer’s, you all know I would be in the running right now. But all pomposity aside, this is really bad news for all of us gamers who have been rabid for No Man’s Sky and the idea of exploring infinite space since it was first announced what feels like (geek exaggeration alert) decades ago. Well, according to Kotaku,┬áthis majestic beast has been delayed yet again. Because OF COURSE IT HAS!


The worst part being the release date has been changed to “coming soon.” That is never a good thing, though if the end result is the game they are promising, it is still worth holding on to hope for. Seems the one thing we ALL feared about this game might actually be coming true. Can a game be SO MASSIVE it can never actually be finished or released?

I guess if or when No Man’s Sky comes out, we will find out.

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