Exclusive Star Trek Borg Cube Mug


Resistance is Futile! You will drink your coffee from this officially-licensed Borg cube mug!

As you know, a fully-assimilated drone has no need for food or water. No need for sustenance of any kind – only energy to maintain its implants.

Unfortunately, since you are separated from the Collective and your human physiology is asserting itself, you may be required to take in nutrients if you do not have ready access to an alcove. That is why we have provided you with a Star Trek Borg Cube Mug during your time away. It will remind you of “home” during your time with Species 5618, as well as provide you with any energy your human physiology may demand for its biological functions. We recommend you partake of caffeine, a molecule which synthesizes in a particularly effective way with humans’ cellular chemistry.


[Exclusive Star Trek Borg Cube Mug]

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