7 Scientific Tips To Wake Up Without Coffee [Video]

Can science help you wake up without coffee? Here are 7 tips to help you wake up in the morning without coffee!


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  1. Meh, I only drink coffee (or anything milky) because I like the taste and it suits with the rest of my breakfast (banana, bread, eggs, yogurt… stuff like this). But unfortunately, it doesn’t keep me awake. Music? Neither. Sports? The moment I stop, I get back to being sleeping beauty. Seriously, nothing helps me, nothing but enough hours of undisturbed sleep under appropriate conditions, but I can’t afford that recently. Oh, yeah! Tried washing my face with cold water when my eyes would keep closing, but it didn’t help either. Checked my blood not too long ago, everything was fine. I guess some people just need to sleep…. I wish I could control it, though…

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