This Week’s Game of Thrones: The Stuff of Legends (No Spoilers)

arya game of thrones season 6

Wow. Just wow. After the somewhat heavy handed Walking Dead finale, geek TV needed a kick in the butt. Something to wake it up and remind us why we like geek stuff in the first place. This week’s Game of Thrones episode was just that.

A pitch-perfect example of why that show has been held in such high regard and has taken pop culture by storm. From the action to the pacing to the way it moved the whole story forward, it might have been the greatest episode of the show yet, which is really saying something. Yes, I am even saying maybe better than season two finale. That good. So what made it so spectacular? Really, what didn’t? It had no flaws. No worries about spoilers, as I will keep this vague by telling you what they did right, but without really telling you anything.

  1. They touched on EVERY story line from last season, providing an amazing going-forward point for the show. Everything changed and shifted, some in good ways and some in bad, but to pull that all off in one hour is nothing short of remarkable.
  2. They made giants cool again. Yes, they have shown the giant before, but trust me. That giant takes it to whole new heights (terrible pun points) in this episode, even with very sparse screen time.
  3.  They gave us back some of the hope they took from us over the last 5 seasons, whilst also presenting and posing new threats.
  4.  Dragons and Tyrion. The less said here the better, but wow.
  5. The caged dogs scene. Yeah, um, yikes. But that darkness is a big part of this show.
  6. That final shot. I don’t OMG often you guys and gals, but, um, OMG.

Okay people, that is all. Just trust me on this one. Game of Thrones rules for a reason, and tonight we were reminded of that (as if any of us forgot).

[Image via TechInsider]

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