This Star Trek Pinball Machine Coffee Table is Mindblowingly Gorgeous (And Expensive!)

If you are a Star Trek fan in need of a new coffee table, be prepared to have your mind blown after seeing what I’m about to show you. Behold:


Yes, this is a coffee table shaped like a shuttlecraft from the show. Its price? $15,000! And if you want one, you’ll have to wait a bit because these are made to order and are built using Star Trek pinball machines that were manufactured back in 1991 by Data East.


This table is a one of a kind as it is. Not only does it feature an original Star Trek pinball playfield, with new electronic controls, and LED lighting, but has four real meteorites built into it’s back container. Also there are three lit Dilithium crystals to fuel this beauty (these where not easy to acquire, as they don’t really exist).


[Altar Furniture | Via NA]