Giant Star Trek Borg Cube Mood Light/Chair


It’s a chair (holds up to 190 lbs!) It’s a light (glows in 16 different colors!) It also wants to ass-imilate you… you know, because you can sit on it. Yeah, I know, my joke sucks.

From Thinkgeek:

We’ve named this the “Star Trek Borg Cube Glowing Chair,” but it can be a lot of other things if you don’t feel the need for glowing illumination on your butt. It’s a great footstool if you happen to need illumination for your feet. But it’s also just a great subtle light. It doesn’t just glow green, either. It has 16 different colors. For a party, you can set it to strobe, flash, or fade from color to color. And it has an internal battery, so you can put it wherever you need a little Borg light, even if there isn’t a power socket or the Collective nearby.

Death Star version also available.

[Giant Star Trek Borg Cube Mood Light/Chair]

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