Hope [Comic]

A Beautiful comic by artist Dan Haring taking a look at what Superman is all about: Hope.


Love that last panel!

[Souce: Dan Haring on Deviantart | Follow Dan Haring on Twitter]


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    • Yep. Batman was fine, he felt like a batman. But I would have liked to see Superman smile a few times. There was no reason for him not to be happy (or happier). People loved him, for the most part, he had the girl, he had a good job, he had no major villains to contend with. I’m just not sure why he was written the way he was for that movie.

  1. Agreed. I always thought that, aside from the whole “Supes WON’T kill” thing, the fact that Bats and Supes were always so friggin’ polar opposites is what made it so interesting seeing them face off. Just like in the Frank Miller comic. That being said, I have yet to see the live action, but yea, Emo-Supes just isn’t different enough from Bats to really create enough of a gap to make it as compelling.

  2. As a Old-school Supes fan, The thing that caused readers to gravitate towards the character was the hope that he brought in his adventures, that we could be better than the position we were in at the time, being more human that us humans. B Vs S was, frankly, the opposite of that. It was cynicism and feeling sorry for ones self wrapped up it a emo package, the Modern Zeitgeist some would say.

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