Fallout Pint Glass 4-Pack


Now all you need is some homemade Nuka Cola Quantum to put in there…

From Thinkgeek:

Treat your guests better than the Wasteland bartenders treat their customers: break out these Fallout pint glasses and serve up some Nuka-Cola or Gwinnett Brew. Each one of your friends can claim their favorite in-game logo: Vault-Tec, RobCo Industries, Nuka-Cola, or the trusty Fallout series logo. Though we won’t blame you if you hold the Vault-Tec glass yourself, just in case a certain salesman comes to your door while you’re entertaining. “Vault-Tec calling! Oh, I see you’re already a fan. Does that mean you’d be interested in signing up for an exciting opportunity…?”

[Fallout Pint Glass 4-Pack]

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