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This comic from our pals over at Commitstrip illustrates what happens to sites that block people who use ad blockers.

As far as you guys go, I know that between 20% and 40% of you are blocking ads on Geeks are Sexy. I’ve recently moved to a single gaming/geek-focused ad network, which should help quite a lot when it comes to the quality of our ads. I know it will slow down the site a bit, but if you guys would consider whitelisting in your ad blocker settings, it would be awesome. If you don’t want to do it, we also have a patreon page where you can leave a small monthly tip to help us! Running this place costs the price of a medium-sized car each year after all.

Whatever you decide to do, we’re glad you’re here with us! :)

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13 Responses to Ad Blockers [Comic]

  1. To GAS owner ; on an unrelated topic any idea if it my phone or your website. But on my iPhone 6 plus with safari the comic strip like this one is really in crappy quality.
    Is it the way you program the website that make this problem ? Some other comic strip website make the same problem while some other don’t.
    No where I can find the answer on Internet.

    • Hi Bernard,

      I have no idea why it does that… it only happens to a very small percentage of people that are using Iphones.

      I’ll investigate and let you know if I find something.

  2. I’m running an adblocker on this browser, BUT… it lets your banner ads through.

    And I’m fine with that.

    I’ve stopped going to, unfortunately, because they expect me to turn the blocker off. No way.

    I’m fine with unobtrusive ads. I’ll click on them periodically, whether out of actual interest, or simply to show support for a site.

    I’ll actively avoid companies that use intrusive ads. Stop moving text around to show, then hide, your ad. Stop covering the content with your ad, and making me search for the one small “X” to close it. All you’re doing is irritating me, and guaranteeing that I will buy your COMPETITOR’S product.

    The only problem with this process is, the worst of the ads are for products I wouldn’t buy in the first place.

  3. What’s funny is that disabling add blockers for a site is actually super simple. Yet I still won’t do it if they block me from seeing their content.

    I understand it costs money to run a site. But adds slow things down, make sights unreadable at times and can actually run malicious scripts in the background. (I know that last one sounds paranoid but ask the IdahoStateman about it. One of the hosted add servers got infected and was serving malicious code to anyone that simply visited their site.)

    For the record, I have whitelisted geeks are sexy because you asked nicely and didn’t play some bullshit game about it.

  4. I have no problem with banner ads, ads along the side or both sides of the page, ads in between paragraphs that i’m reading, etc. Even if they go for a mile down the page. What I DO have a problem with are that ads that POP UP in FRONT of WHAT I AM TRYING TO READ. THEN they HIJACK my browser and try to reroute me elsewhere away from WHAT I AM TRYING TO READ. The whole point of me clicking on some clickbait site is that I WANT TO READ the article. Not fight with 15 popup ads and a browser hijacker. You know, if there are relevant ads that I MIGHT be interested in, I will maybe click on them. I might even leave the tab open for days because there is an ad that I might be interested in coming back to check out. But I HATE POPUPS and HIJACKERS! I WILL NOT click on them, and I WILL NOT buy from those who put them on the page. As a matter of fact, anymore there are usually SO MANY that they end up shutting my whole browser down, and I can’t even read the article that I wanted to read. And then there are the little videos that start playing with SUPER LOUD SOUND while I am listening to something else. That’s pretty annoying too. Especially if it is on a page that I still have open because there WAS something interesting on the page that I want to come back to. That usually makes me go back and shut the page down completely and miss out on the ad or content forever because of the annoying NOISE MAKER ad. SO, if you want my unsolicited advice, “Marketers”, don’t make your ads ANNOYING. If they are just THERE, and if they are RELEVANT to me, I will make use of them happily. If they are NOT relevant, or if I have to FIGHT with them, I will just leave.

    • I feel exactly the same way. At one point there was some autoplay ads on the site, but they’re much less common now, and when I stumble on one or someone tells me about it, I take action right away.

      Thanks for your comment Marcus!

      • I turned mine off because you guys asked nicely, so I thought I’d give it a shot. Unfortunately now I have an ad covering the lower portion of the comics and other images in articles. “explore amazing packages to australia.”

        That’s just intrusive and annoying.

    • There’s no need for me to say anything, because you (Marcus Rogge) summed it up very well. Not to mention also that some of the notorious ads can eat your LTE (or other mobile internet that isn’t wi-fi) data up to expensive bills… Thankfully Geeks are Sexy are carefully managing their ads nice and fair, and not so rarely I even click on some because they seem interesting. No ad blocking for this site from me. ☻

  5. The amazing thing about addblock is that it ALSO lets me disable the elements you use to block my addblocker. Rightclick –> Addblock –> Block this add works fine for any non-add element too.

    • They’re not always 100% targeted to you, but those are non invasive, and don’t even make you leave the site most of the time when clicked.

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