Spider-Man’s Costume from “Civil War” in High-Res [Pic]

You’ve seen the trailer and the costume, and now, Marvel and Disney have released a high-resolution picture of Spidey’s costume. Click on the picture below to view it in hi-res (in a new tab.)

Click Picture to Enlarge!

Click Picture to Enlarge! (Opens in New Tab)

We can also see that Spider-Man has a belt, in which he keeps extra web cartridges, I’m sure.


So what do you guys think? These eyes sure are getting people divided on the web, but they’re a nice nod to the classic Spider-Man we see in comic books and in the animated series.

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6 Responses to Spider-Man’s Costume from “Civil War” in High-Res [Pic]

  1. why the hell they just simplu can’t use the known costume from comic box.

    I see they were trying to make the very first original look but it seems, some idiot said ; “hey yeah first original look idea is cool but WE NEED TO MAKE IT MORE MODERN to fit 2016.”

    man I say to that; bullshit. what the hell is that logo? that boots and shoulders with stripe?

    the logo on the chest? why why on hell you try to change things marvel? http://assets1.ignimgs.com/2014/04/29/1jpg-a29dcf_765w.jpg

  2. When the eyes narrowed, it at first weirded me out a bit. But getting a closer look at them I can see that they are mechanical so it’s not just cartoonish eyes like Deadpool’s. That also means this suit is probably Start-tech.

  3. White part of the eyes seems too small comparing to old comic books, but think it is a nice concept but obviously some people will not like it, just like black human torch from fantastic 4

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