What Is Up With “Glimmers” on Titan’s Surface: A Theory


For those who don’t know, Titan is the 6th moon of Saturn, and we know VERY little about it, though our collective intelligent appetites are whet. What has us all even more enamored is the fact that recent photos from N.A.S.A have shown very distinct glimmers on the surface.

What are they? The question of the day.

The guys over at Gizmodo seem to have some pretty solid speculation as to what those glimmers might, but the real question is, what purpose do they serve to Titan:

The glimmers could also represent bubbles of sea foam or some sort of floating solid. Not much floats on liquid methane, though who’s to say there isn’t some wacky alien biology perfectly adapted to the -179 degree Celsius surf? We may have to wait until April 2017, when Cassini makes its final close flyby of the Saturnian moon, for the full answer.

It’s incredibly interesting stuff, and us, like most geek, cannot wait to find out more about Titan.

[H/T, Image, i09]

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