I HAVE NO SHAME: Ruffles Poutine Chips

It’s currently around 10AM as I’m writing this and I’m having a few of those. I HAVE NO SHAME! If you can get a bag of these where you live, jump on the occasion, they’re amazing. They taste just like poutine, but in a bag! I don’t think they’re available in the U.S. though. The only similar flavor I’ve been able to find that is available in the United States is from the President’s choice brand, and frankly, these are just pale imitations of what Ruffles offers. I know, I’ve tried them in the past!

I just love poutine, and I’ve written about it on a few occasion. You can read about the time I had a 15-pound poutine, also known as the Heart Attack poutine, here, and if you’re interested in making poutine at home, there’s a basic guide that I wrote back in 2007 right here.

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