Om Nom Nom Nom: The Deadpool Poutine Chimichanga


In honor of the release of Deadpool, Philadelphia-based restaurant Cantina Dos Segundos has released a very special dish: the Deadpool Poutine Chimichanga! We all know how Deadpool loves chimichangas, and I’m pretty sure poutine would be his thing if he ever tried one, so why not combine the two?

Braised short rib, French fries, Fried cheese curd Black beans, Bacon, Pickled red onion & jalapeƱo. served with a side of short rib au jus, topped with sour cream onion, scallion, cilantro.

It looks absolutely delicious, don’t you think? :)

[Source: Cantina Dos Segundos on Instragram | Via Uproxx]

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