Uprising – A Post-Apocalyptic Robot Comedy

Director and promo-commercial writerBen Hansford has been madly in love with robots all his life, and is looking to produce a short comedy film about robots in a post robocalyptic world who decide to raise a human baby. His project is currently on Kickstarter and has already reached a little less than half of the total budget of $36,800 after just a few days. If you want help “Uprising” see the light of day, you can contribute to the campaign right here.

On top of that there’s life-sucking Roombas, self-driving Priuses that hunt humans in packs, vigilante Soda Machines, and Cellphones that send your Snapchats to your Mom.

And of course… ROBOTS! These metal monsters think the #ROFLpocalypse is just a game – so they get busy tea-bagging, dry-humping, and Leader-boarding humanity out of existence.

[Kickstarter: Uprising – A Post-Apocalyptic Robot Comedy]

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