May February The 14th Be with You With These Star Wars Plushy Bouquet


If your significant other is a massive Star Wars geeks, why not offering them a Star Wars Plushy Bouquet instead of one made of roses this Valentine’s day?

You won’t have to worry about your bouquet recipient wheezing like your favorite Sith Lord with this Darth Vader Star Wars Bouquet. Lord Vader stands tall, surrounded by a 501st of Stormtroopers (yes, we just made up that collective noun as a shoutout to one of our favorite organizations and also the place you’re most likely to see more than one Stormtooper in the wild – the 501st Legion). Each of these little super-deformed plush Imperials can be removed from its “stem” easily to be displayed on its own if you’d prefer. So you’re either getting a bouquet or a tiny army of plushes. Seems like a pretty good deal. Pray we don’t alter it any further.


[Star Wars Plushy Bouquet]

UPDATE: If you want more diversity, there are two other versions as well: BLUE HARVEST and BEEP BOOP BLOOM.