Stargate Universe Fans Petition Netflix: Over 100,000 Signatures so Far!

Both fans and cast members of Stargate Universe are calling on Netflix to pick up the show. More than 100,000 people have signed a petition arguing that it’s a perfect fit for a streaming service.

The show only ran for two seasons before being dropped by Syfy in 2010. Plans to conclude the story — or at least deal with a cliffhanger — in a movie were later cancelled.

Now fans of the show are lobbying Netflix with an argument beyond simply wanting to see it return. They cite a variety of statistics suggesting its popularity might be understated by traditional TV ratings and that it would particularly appeal to more tech-savvy users.

Among the arguments are: of all the studio’s shows, Stargate is the biggest driver of traffic to the MGM website; Stargate Universe reruns do particularly well among TiVo users; and the first two seasons of the show have more than a million ratings among Netflix users with an average of four stars.

The group insists the original cancellation of the show was misguided because it was particularly badly hit by Nielsen ratings not counting online viewing by cord-cutters. (Of course, how many of those online viewers were watching commercial-free editions and thus of little benefit to a TV network is also difficult to measure.)

They also cite claims that SyFy’s recent show The Expanse, which has drawn disappointing Nielsen ratings on cable, is attracting around three times as many viewers through on-demand viewing on the SyFy site.

The campaign has the support of cast members including David Hewlett, Patrick Gilmore and Elyse Levesque. The organisers say they’ll present the petition to Netlix at its headquarters.

[Sign the Petition Here: Save Stargate Universe | Like “Save Stargate Universe” on Twitter]

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