WANT: Portal Winter Jackets for Men and Women (Engineers and Scientists)


Thinkgeek has just started offering these super nice Portal-themed jackets for “Engineers” (above) and “Scientists” (below.) Both will keep you warm at temperatures going down to 14° Fahrenheit (-10° Celsius.)

This baby is still lined with fleece at the neck and pockets to protect you from the cold, right down to 14° Fahrenheit (that’s -10° Celsius for those of you at Aperture Science International). There are nifty thumb portals built right in, in blue and orange (of course). Bunch o’ pockets to keep your gizmos in, too. And the white color will help you hide in the snow and avoid detection. “Detection from what?” you may ask? Don’t worry, you’ll find out soon enough. It’s certainly not 100-foot-tall snowbots! That program was closed due to lack of funding and a high mortality rate. Cave Johnson out!


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