Behold the World’s First R2-D2 Drone Quadcopter [Videos]

From Donny Melara:

Say hello to “Arturo”, the worlds first actual flying R2D2 drone. Custom build by Don Melara (By a fan for the fans). Complete with DJI GPS autopilot navigation system, Articulating dome, LED jetpack lights, Speaker box for sounds and even a ccd camera installed into his eye. It took approximately 8 days to complete the build. It was always a childhood dream of mine that someday, someone would build a flying version of our favorite StarWars Droid. Now, thanks to todays technology and a little bit of a passion for aviation it has become a reality. This is the first of a few episodes I plan on releasing, the next will be a short inspirational story on how R2 got his wings and learned to fly at an airport in Los Angeles. If you like my video be sure to subscribe for the next episode and please contact me at [email protected] if you wish to use it on any of your online social media platforms.