Metal Gear Developer Quits; Strikes Sony Deal


Konami has confirmed that Hideo Kojima, the man behind the Metal Gear series, is to leave the company. He’ll be starting an independent studio and will work with Sony on a “new franchise.”

It’s been an open secret that Kojima was on the way out since reports surfaced of a leaving party in October, but it appears a no-compete clause has now ended.

Following a report at Japanese newspaper site Nikkei, Konami confirmed the departure today. The report noted that he’ll effectively be spinning off Kojima Productions, formerly his “internal studio” at Konami, and taking several key staff with him.

Kojima has now appeared in a video alongside Sony Computer Entertainment chief Andrew House to announce a partnership. The pair gave no details other than to use the term “franchise” rather than a single game, and for Kojima to promise it would offer a “new and innovative gaming experience.”

In a press release, Sony used the term “console exclusive to the Playstation 4” which suggests the game could also get a PC release.

Kojima Studios will operate as an independent entity. Initial reports suggesting Sony would run the studio as a subsidiary (effectively making Kojima an employee) appear to have been based on a mistranslation.

What happens to the Metal Gear series remains uncertain. Konami had previously vowed it would continue to develop products, but that statement specifically referred to Kojima being part of the project.