Officially-Licensed Star-Lord Knapsack


Star-Lord is without a doubt one of the coolest heroes of the universe, and so is his purse knapsack! Whether you want to cosplay as the character or just carry your stuff around, this is the perfect bag for you!

In an interview with GQ, Alexandra Byrne, the costume designer for Guardians of the Galaxy characterized Star-Lord’s aesthetic simply, stating “What I loved about Peter Quill was that he had swagger without vanity.”

That’s what this bag conveys. It’s practical. It lets you carry a reasonable amount of gear. It gives you an air of confidence, because you know you have your stuff with you and that you’re toting it in an epic bag. A bag worthy of someone who calls himself Star-Lord. Better yet, yours hasn’t seen the dark underbelly of the universe yet, so it’s pristine and fresh. No blacklight required.


[Officially-Licensed Star-Lord Knapsack]

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